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Kill My Blues

by Corin Tucker Band

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Kisston Gorgeous
Kisston Gorgeous thumbnail
Kisston Gorgeous I absolutely love this women. Love love love her voice (& her guitar playing). I can't decide which song I like best, but I like these lyrics (which come in PDF format when you purchase the album) from "Groundhog Day"... "Gonna move things forward for us and women round the globe." Yes! I love this mom who still finds time to rock out! Keep on rockin' Corin (& the band)! Favorite track: Groundhog Day.
Shawn Grunberger
Shawn Grunberger thumbnail
Shawn Grunberger Corin Tucker rocks hard and makes it sound easy. Favorite track: Groundhog Day.
Mister Meows
Mister Meows thumbnail
Mister Meows More Sleater-Kinneyish than CTB's first album, but still very much its own thing. Tucker is banshee-wailing at her best and the rest of the band provide a perfect backing. Favorite track: Neskowin.
Anthony Ong
Anthony Ong thumbnail
Anthony Ong Quite good second solo album from Corin (ex-Sleater-Kinney)
Geoff Kieley
Geoff Kieley thumbnail
Geoff Kieley Corin Tucker is the queen of all singers. And has a powerful strumming hand. I may love her. Favorite track: Groundhog Day.
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released September 18, 2012

All songs written by the Corin Tucker Band
except “Outgoing Message” lyrics by Julianna Bright.
Aaron Beam guest vocals on “Blood, Bones, and Sand.”
℗ 2012 Half A World Away Music / ASCAP
© 2012 1,000 Years Music / BMI



all rights reserved


Corin Tucker Band Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Groundhog Day
Huh? Que pasa? I’ve just woken up
Like Rip Van Winkle in a denim mini skirt
Wait, you see, now, I took a rest
I took some time to be a mom and have some kids
What’s up y’all? I thought we had a plan
Gonna move things forward
for us and women round the globe
Awake now, outside it froze
Instead of going forward, where the hell we going now?

Why? Is it so?
Tell me something are we living in slow-mo?
Why? Is it so?
I got some dreams living in a back drawer

Did I lay down, did I fall asleep?
On the backs of the women who have come before me?
Tell me almost equal, almost good enough
Almost had a woman go and run the White House
What does it mean now, why can’t I wake up?
Is our generation stuck in a deep rut?
We fight the same battle, over and over again
What are we missing, tell me how can we move on?
Track Name: Kill My Blues
Who hears the bell when it wants to ring?
Who hears the singer trying to sing?
Who picks you up when you trip and fall?
Who carries you when you can’t walk at all?

You’re the one, you are
No one else hears the call
You could break my fall
You’re the one, you are
Kill my blues with your love

You’re the noisy surprise
You’re my new ringtone
There’s no medicine like the sound of your voice
You’re the longest story that’s ever told
You’re the dirty punch line, the end of the joke

When it all comes together I go tick tock
The beats through my body go knockety knock
I lose inhibition I lose all the doubt
My faith in the moment the strongest of sounds
There ain’t no substitution for love in your veins
I feel it rush through me and silence my aches
Let’s ring out the old year, the grief that I felt
Let’s dance to this song, let’s not waste a moment left
Track Name: Neskowin
Packed inside a Datsun
pointed towards the coast that day
Your family vacation and I came along to play
Big thirteen, two teenaged girls, heading for the world
Heads barely out of fairy tales
but our bodies grown up and ready to go

Darling I know I don’t go like the other girls
It’s just I enjoy other toys other faculties

Soon we grow bored of beachcombing
Want some bigger surf to play
Hatch a plan to go downtown
There’s a bus three times a day
Lacquered up our tightest jeans testing out our looks
Hit the arcade, the pizza place, so much to see
So much to taste
Track Name: I Don't Wanna Go
Just when
I got it together
Fell for a nice guy
Started a family
Just when
I finally turned the page
Can’t be
Doctor said to wait
Close my eyes
Make it go away
Just got
To where I want to be

I don’t wanna go
I don’t wanna go
The light the heat the love the sound the show

Bad news
Worse than it could be
Nothing like this, nothing prepared me
Give me every cure you got

Fight this, fight with everything
Find out who loves you
Find out what love means
No brakes, we’re flying all downhill

Just one more day for you and me
Your blond hair hanging in the breeze
The magic hour of sunlit trees
Smiles across your face
Carry me on some moonlit path
A piece of my dust hanging in your hands
The body is a shell that doesn’t last
Carry me on and on
Track Name: Constance
Lacy trim around her satin bedspread
An open window yawns and lets the breeze come in
Constance turns around, touching all the walls
Picks up a book, puts it down
The clock ticks loudly

Let’s take a walk tonight, before the sun goes down
I feel the chill come on it wraps around me
Constance goes away, before we’re ready
In the morning light, the house feels empty

Gonna love you till the end of time
Gonna worry for you day and night
Save a memory this special time
It’s fine

Born to take the skies
I watch as you take flight
The mirrors of your eyes
Reflect relief and light
Track Name: No Bad News Tonight
Did you get my message ‘cause I’m feeling fine
Did you get the text I sent I dropped a line
It turns out I’m OK
But could you stay here just the same?
Put on the toughest face my dear that I could find
Put on the thickest coat I have it’s double-lined
They gave me quite a fright
Don’t want bad news tonight

It is a ghost from my past
Did he find me home at last
Is it too much to ask
I want another chance?

Let’s take that trip together that we talked about
Let’s do the thing we wanted now it can’t be wrong
Let’s start on them alright
Wrap around me tight
Turn off your phone, power down, turn out the light
If you wanna see me then we got tonight
Block out the other things
They don’t matter much to me
Track Name: Summer Jams
I’ve been feeling subjective
Like the heat’s turned my head
In some long daydream sequence
Involving islands and sand

I’m running away
I’m leaving today

Senses come back slowly
Through a terrible wall
Every mile we head southward
My blood starts to warm

I’m feeling okay
As long as we’re leaving today

Don’t you want a seat at the table
Don’t you want to roll those dice
Let’s get lost in another country
Let’s get lost before our feelings slide

You were the Joe that I wanted to go
Toe to toe on the floor
As we rolled Mexico
You can rent me a burro we’ll live off of churros
Let’s freak like we’re pharaohs
I’ll be your sparrow tonight

Ride in a Jeep that we rented for cheap
You can act like a chief sixty pesos a week
It can’t last for long but I’ll sing you a song
You can hear it go on as the sun is beginning to fade

You were the man in whose elegant hands
I felt sweet summer jams
Running through my expanses
Life may be sweet but it’s short as a tweet
So you better dig deep
Give to me all that you can
Track Name: None Like You
Come gather, children, gather around
Night of December, our mother found
She lifted us with life and when tired she put us down
A candle in each window led us back to her now

Fifty-two babies like the ones delivered here
Souls brought so gently to this bright, brassy world
We are all newborn, glassy-eyed inside her softest light
Perfect love, loves the weakest,
strengthens us to do what’s right

What makes you weary? What makes you cold?
What makes you frightened? She wants to know
A touch to your hand and she knows how you feel
We spend our last night with her,
laughing through our tears

None like you

The last time we saw you
The last time we touched
Then your soul floats away
Like some bird in the sky
Like a dove

Perfect love
Track Name: Joey
Joey, can you hear me?
I feel so cold without you now
Everything is different
Would you cry or would you laugh?

Joey, you’re a legend
Wish I’d told you to your face
I was just a girl then
You left before I got to say

Joey, it’s a sad song
But now you don’t have to carry the world
Joey, it’s a bad time
But now you don’t have to carry the world

Joey, you’ve got such grace
A little love for everyone
Rose-colored glasses, baby
Cheer me up when I am down
Track Name: Outgoing Message
Wake up
We’re on the radio
A shortwave of storms blowing down the barn
I woke up I took the cup
I drank the cup I tore it up

You look scared but
You shouldn’t be afraid
Of course there’s pain in this something
that we made

I looked up I looked you up
I held you up I carried you

Leave off your charms leave off your frills
We’re not making songs for suburban little girls

Or we are and we’re much too sincere
And we’ll pay for all the trouble that we carry

Wake up
We’re on the radio
A shortwave of storms blowing down the barn
I woke up I took the cup
I drank the cup I tore it up
Track Name: Blood, Bones, and Sand
This morning I woke and I found I’m no longer alone
The first stirrings were deep
knew that you needed me and I you
My old life is dead, I am glad it is shed, torn away
I know now that my gift is my talent to give

We are blood, bones and sand
We break there just the same
I’ll find the strength that I need if I dig underneath
I will unearth a different self

Delicate, small and sweet,
her smile like the sun starts my day
The joy that she brings like the treasure of kings far away
But how can I keep you safe in a world full of violence
Darling you know it’s true, nothing I wouldn’t do

We are blood, bones and sand
We break there just the same
I’ll find the strength that I need if I dig underneath
I will unearth a different self
Track Name: Tiptoe
Laughing in the face of my own mistake
Laughing as the tears, tears roll down my cheeks
Oh, to love, the wrong man
Scratching at the door of my foolishness
I didn’t want to know
I didn’t want to think
Oh, betrayal
Now I see
Tiptoe through my own bedroom
Don’t disturb my thoughts
When it’s through who’s black and blue?
There’s nothing fair in love and war
Was I just too young to know the consequence?
Did I give away too much?
Does the woman always give?
Oh, to love
Does it make us weak?
Now the memories are flowing like a wave
Everything looks different
Love has gone away
Empty space
Can I breathe?
Tiptoe through my own bedroom
Bombs are going off
When we’re through who’s leaving who?
I can’t look back
I’m blown away
Tiptoe through my own bedroom
Pick up what I dropped
I’m not through with you
In love and war, there’s nothing left